High Protein Vegan Lunch!

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Being a vegan, I can assure you there’s no need to worry about hitting your daily macros regardless of what the non-vegan fitness “experts” might say! I have had no issues making delicious vegan meals that follow the IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) meal plan to achieve my fitness and weight lifting goals.  Just like our non-vegan counterparts, however, it just takes a little pre-planning and a few great recipes.

Today, I had this amazing quesadilla with a whopping 26 grams of protein and all the nutrients needed to sustain me throughout the day and zap that midday slump! (Recipe below) Follow my blog for more recipes and information regarding the vegan iifym lifestyle. Look forward to hearing from you!

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Power-Up Vegan Quesadilla - Macros: 39c/18f/26p

1 Ole Extreme Wellness Multi-Grain Tortilla
1c Raw Spinach
8 Gardein Teriyaki Chick'n Strips (w/o the sauce)
1/4c Daiya Shredded Cheddar Cheese
5 Black Olives (chopped)
Frank's Red Hot Sauce 
Side of Cherry Tomatoes

-Grill Gardein Chick'n strips (this can be done beforehand or directly prior to making the quesadilla. I like to make a 3 day supply and keep it in a tupperware jar so that they are ready to use) . 
-Lay one tortilla on a frying pan and place cheese, chick'n, olives and spinach on half of the tortilla, grill open on medium flame and cover pan. Do not use a spray or oil to coat pan. Once the cheese is melted (approx. 2 mins), fold the quesadilla and brown on both sides (do not cover pan). 
-Transfer to plate and spritz with Frank's Red Hot Sauce (optional). Add a side of cherry tomatoes & Enjoy!!




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