The #POWERGIRL Vegan Protein Spinach Wrap

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Staying on point with your meal plan during the day can be difficult especially when that midday slump sets in, cravings get the best of us or we haven’t planned ahead. Even worse, it can be difficult finding recipes that stay within our macros but still are delicious, affordable and easy to make. I scour the internet and YouTube for the best of the best when it comes to healthy meals. This one though, was all my own!

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I found these delicious Raw Spinach Wraps by Green Leaf Foods in my local health supplement food store. They are made with just apple, spinach, quinoa, coconut nectar and psyllium husk. That’s it! High in antioxidants, vitamins, fiber and low in sodium. The best part though, is one wrap has only 16 carbs, zero fat and 2g of protein. Win-win!

Once I had everything in order and finished making this delicious wrap. I was ecstatic about the macros = 33C / 3F / 19P WoW! Needless to say, this was easy, quick healthy lunch is on my meal plan a lot!

#POWERGIRL Vegan Protein Spinach Wrap
-One Raw Wrap
-One Vegan Boca burger 
-4 black olives
-5oz Cherry Tomato
-2 cups spinach
-1/4 cup hearts of palm
-5g Grey Poupon 
Grill Boca burger. While grilling the burger, place wrap on plate. Add mustard first. Once burger is done, crumble onto the wrap over the mustard. Add rest of the ingredients. Wrap it, enjoy it!

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    1. Obsessed as well, they are awesome! No, they don’t taste like regular tortilla / wraps because there is no flour or corn but the consistency is similar. They regular wraps make me feel bloated and weighed down, these don’t which is a plus! Slight spinach taste which is great.
      Love your blog as well, happy to share! 🙂

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