“What’s In My Gym Bag?” Young Living Products for Fitness

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In this video, I walk you through my daily routine using the Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils which help me achieve my health and fitness goals.  The Young Living products seen in this video are only a portion of what I use daily, but they specifically correspond with my fitness and gym activities. Below I go into more detail regarding each essential oil I use throughout the video.

How to use Young Living Essential Oil products to help achieve your health & fitness goals


RosemaryRosemary essential oil is a powerful oil that has been used throughout history. Check out my recent blog post HERE to read all about the Rosemary essential oil history, uses and a FREE recipe.

Slique EssenceSlique Essence is an essential oil blend with stevia extract that is used by mixing it with your favorite beverage and is known to assist in supporting health and weight management goals. Check out my YouTube video HERE to see a visual on how to use Slique Essence in your water and for more information regarding this amazing Young Living supplement.

EnergeeEn-R-Gee is a Young Living essential oil blend of pure Juniper, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Nutmeg, Balsam, Clove and Pepper which provides an uplifting and revitalizing aroma perfect for inhaling before hitting the gym!

Cool AzulCool Azul Sports Gel is a combination of 10% therapeutic grade essential oils along with menthol and camphor.  Cool Azul Sports Gel has a cooling and hydrating effect on the skin. A perfect gel to apply and rub into muscles post-workout.

PanawayPanaway essential oil blend combines Wintergreen, Clove, Helichrysum and Peppermint essential oils to create a stimulating aroma. Panaway should always be diluted with a carrier oil such as Almond or Coconut oil before applying topically. Panaway oil is a very popular blend and is one of the oils found in Young Living’s Starter Kit. For more information regarding purchasing Panaway or the Starter Kit click HERE

You can find tons of information regarding Young Living Essential Oils in the section titled “Essential Oils” in the menu above. In that section, I answer the most common questions regarding the history of essential oils, how to use them and the Young Living brand. Click Here to be taken directly to that page.

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