5 Ways to Use Helichrysum Oil This Summer

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Summer is upon us and what better reason to introduce yourself to a new essential oil! Each month, I make an effort to “get to know” one

particular essential oil. Throughout the month I learn about the essential oil I chose, where it came from, how it is used and experiment with it in various recipes. This month is no different, except that I decided to share it with you!

Say “hello” to Young Living’s 100% pure, therapeutic-grade Helichrysum Essential Oil! 

Helichrysum YL pic

The helichrysum italicum flower is part of the daisy family, native to the dry regions of the Mediterranean. The base of the plant is wood in texture and the stems produce gorgeous bright, fragrant yellow flowers in the summer time. The image below is my personal stash of dried helichrysum italicum flowers.

Helichrysum flower

What is Helichrysum essential oil used for?

Helichrysum essential oil has many restorative properties and aids in the support of a healthy liver and nervous system. Helichrysum essential oil is also a favorite for additive for luxury skin care products. Its aroma is stimulating which makes for a  great oil to be diffused while working or while the little ones do their homework.

The downside to Helichrysum essential oil?

Helichrysum essential oil is quite expensive to cultivate and produce. Due to the market value of this oil, there are MANY diluted oils on the market being falsely sold as “pure”. These oils are cut with odorless substances and chemicals so that suppliers are able to make more money on less amount of the flower.

How do you know Young Living’s Helichrysum Essential Oil is going to be the highest, 100% pure therapeutic grade oil?

Only Young Living can answer that question. They did so quite nicely in the blog article “How Do You Know Your Helichrysum Is Good?” by David Stewart Ph.D.  Click HERE for Young Living’s amazing article on how Helichrysum oil is tested and sometimes even denied production.

In addition, Young Living prides itself in setting the standard for essential oil purity. Young Living has developed the Seed to Seal process that ensures each bottle of essential oil is truly authentic.

Learn more about Young Living’s “Promise To Families: A Pristine Final Product Without Compromise” CLICK HERE for Young Living’s “Seed To Seal” Promise and Process


Ok, what is so special about Helichrysum essential oil and why should you be using it this summer?

That’s the easy part. . .

5 Ways To Start Using Helichrysum Essential Oil This Summer & How!

  1. Beauty – Helichrysum oil is a known essential oil for maintaining and improving the texture of the skin. How To Use:  After washing your face, gently pat dry. Apply a layer of Young Living’s Helichrysum essential oil on to the face and gently massage in a small circular avoiding the eye area . Afterwards, apply an additional layer of frankincense or lavender depending on your skin care needs.
  2. Digestion – The Helichrysum essential oil can provide support to the body’s digestive process. How To Use:  Apply 3-4 drops to warm bath water and soak.
  3. Liver Support – Helichrysum essential oil aids in supporting liver health. How To Use:  Apply and gently massage 1-2 drops neat to the upper right quadrant of the abdomen.
  4. Lymphatic Health – Helichrysum supports the health and wellness of the body’s lymphatic system. How To Use:  Add 3-5 drops of the Helichrysum essential oil to your favorite carrier oil such as coconut oil. Begin to massage into the skin starting at the ends of each extremity (hands, feet and head) and moving towards the chest area (not to forget under the arms!). Finish the process by massaging the oil into the heart area in circular motions.
  5. Emotional Wellness – Helichrysum encourages feelings of relaxation and calmness with an uplifting aroma. How To Use:  Add 2 drops to the center of your palm and inhale deeply. Also diffuse 5-7 drops while working or while the kids are doing homework.

*Join me in embracing the amazing qualities of Helichrysum Essential Oil this summer and for years to come!!*

How and Where do you find Young Living’s Helichrysum Essential Oil?

It is quite easy! CLICK HERE to bring Young Living Essential Oils into your life and order the gorgeous Helichrysum Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil for Summertime!!


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