How to Use a Diffuser with Essential Oils

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Using a diffuser with essential oils has been a serious “game changer” in my life! At night, the quiet drumming sound and wafting scent puts my family and I right to sleep. However, during the day, the melodic sound of the diffuser and energizing scent will keep me engaged and focused. You will not be disappointed once you get your hands on this glorious machine!

A diffuser is a device, that when adding just water and a few drops of therapeutic grade essential oils (such as Young Living essential oils), creates millions of microparticles that are dispersed throughout the air. As we breathe in this air, the constituents of the essential oils enter our body and go to work!

The diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to create the microparticles so that no heat is generated which makes it PERFECT for using in a child’s bedroom. My son, has his own diffuser and personal stash of oils he uses every night!

In my most recent YouTube video (click HERE to go directly to my YouTube channel) below, I demonstrate just how easy it is to use a diffuser and bring this magic into your home! The two diffusers I demonstrate using in this video, are the models you get to choose from when ordering your Young Living Premium Starter Kit.

For more information about Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils and how to order them CLICK HERE

“How to Use a Diffuser?” VIDEO Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!!

Have you ever used a diffuser? If so, what is your favorite scents or blends to diffuse? I would love to hear from you!

Cheers Merrideth


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