Living the Life of Abundance

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When a person hears the word “abundance”, they may think of having a plethora of physical objects with monetary value such as cars, houses, wine, even food. Au contraire! 

Traditionally defined the word ‘abundance’ means:  “the state of having a very large quantity of something” as per the Oxford American Dictionary. Yes that is true, but there seems to be an esoteric definition as well.

I can force 100 people into a room and say I have an “abundance of people”.  Do I own or have I actually obtained their thoughts, feelings, desires or devotion? One would reply “no, of course not”. The reason being is that we believe we can never obtain an abundance of intangibles. Yet, here I am telling you that we certainly can.

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Abundance easily reaches beyond the physical notion and into the spectrum of mental, emotional and spiritual. The abstract concept of abundance, as I have come to learn, is an overwhelming feeling of gratitude, a strong state of connectedness with the universe and a desire to simplify. By developing certain habits in our lives and manifesting abundance, we can overcome fears, sadness, loneliness, and anxiety within our own comfort zone.

In my newest series of videos found on YouTube, I am touching base on one aspect of cultivating abundance each day for the next 30 days. Follow along with me (starting with the video below) as I discuss this lifestyle and how I have personally transformed many aspects of my life in order to manifest abundance. I will also be discussing and embarking creating new habits in certain areas of my life that I feel are lacking abundance and seeing where that journey will take me.

For the entire YouTube 30-Day Life of Abundance video series CLICK HERE

I would love to hear from you! Share with me what you think “abundance” means in your life and how you have manifested it.

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