Not Yourself

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Alone, trapped in a room. No windows, no door, just a plain, tiny wooden chair in the middle. Enough exists to sit down or walk around but always stuck inside. Breathing in the stale air.

Sounds begin, just random musings. Constantly playing over and over again. Nothing can be seen, only heard. The loud ramblings of ridiculous conversations, kids yelling, school noises, news feed, water dripping, cars revving, celebrities speeches, movies playing, babies crying, Netflix shows on rerun. . .constant, never-ending chatter. Silence ceases to exist.

blog pic 'not yourself'

I start to listen, because that’s all I can do. Being able to talk back to the sounds as if it’s a fucking conversation but somewhere deep inside you know it’s not. That one tiny thought so fleeting, its existence so minute, it evaporates instantly. The noises, they become your only friends and you can no longer identify with yourself because thoughts do not exist.



  1. Midlife…been there n survived. It passes and u feel stupid for the random thoughts that held u down. The sky gets bluer the air fresher and the garbage drifts away as silently as it came….unnoticed. Keep ur mind focused on the love in ur life and ur ability to breathe. That’s what’s important and meaningful. Really!!!

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  2. While you stare at walls in dismay you have forgotten to look up to the ceiling. Through the gloom of the room you notice a skylight. You climb on the chair and can reach just enough to push it open. A rush of fresh air. A serenade of birds chirping. The warm embrace of the sun shining.
    Sometimes the freedom you desire goes unnoticed right in front of you because the chaos of everyday life.

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