Essential Oils

What are essential oils and why should I use them?

zzz6Essential oils are the concentrated aromatic molecules of a plant. Essential oils are odorous, highly volatile (evaporate in open air) and are not fatty (do not have an “oily” consistency like vegetable oils).  The presence in plants allows them to exchange information with neighboring plants, attract insects, as well as defend against animals and other plants.

Essential oils give us the opportunity to introduce holistic health & wellness into our lives, dispose of using harmful chemicals in our homes, give us energy, positivity, and can even reclaim our natural radiance.

Are essential oils a new fad?

No! Although there is no exact moment in time that essential oils can be dated back to, records show aromatherapy and plant oils have been in use for at least 5,000 years!

The following recorded history has shown use of plant oils and aromatherapy: Sumerians in the Mesopotamian civilization;  text founding the Vedic literature of India dates to 5,000 B.C. Egyptians were “most dedicated to it” using oils, incense, perfume and cosmetics for spiritual and medicinal uses (3,000 B.C.); essential oils being used in Chinese medicine (3,000 B.C.); Greek culture (1,100-140 B.C.); Roman (10th Century B.C. – 1453 A.D.) and Arabian civilizations. Aromatics were even used during the Middle Ages as defense against the Bubonic Plague. The modern history of aromatherapy began in the early 1900’s in France with Marcel Gattefosse and since developed over the last 100 years with many individuals contributing to its advancement.

Aromatherapy and essential oils are gaining a ton of popularity today as people begin to touch base with a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

How do I use essential oils?

YL topicalThere are numerous ways to use essential oils personally and within your home:

  1. Odor – Use essential oils aromatically by inhalation
  2. Topically – Apply directly on desired area of the body (some oils will need to be diluted with a carrier oil)
  3. Internally – Ingest certain essential oils under the tongue, placed in a liquid to drink, with meals while cooking, applied on certain wounds or via capsule
  4. Aromatic baths – apply to bath water before soaking
  5. Massage – Apply essential oils with a carrier oil for a deep tissue and muscle massage
  6. Skin & Hair care – Use essential oils to provide care for various skin and hair types

My local health food store sells essential oils for much less, aren’t all essential oils made the same?

The introduction to essential oils into American mainstream was primarily through retail and gift industries (unlike medicinal aromatherapy in France or Holistic aromatherapy in England). This introduction into the U.S. market unfortunately brought about low quality, synthetic or cut oils that are masked as “pure” and or “natural”.  Don’t be fooled by savvy marketing tricks . . . check out my chart below as a start to your growing knowledge of essential oil quality.

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Why are Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils so amazing?

Young Living sets the standard for essential oil purity by selecting and carefully monitoring the production of all oils through the Seed to Seal process. From selecting the seeds and plants used for essential oils until the oil is sealed in the bottle. Young Living applies the most rigorous quality controls within the essential oil industry to ensure you are receiving exactly what nature intended.

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